Mandy Moon

"After a Norfolk childhood and teenage years in Gloucestershire I went to Cheltenham Art College but found that I hated it and left half way through the foundation course.  Since then I have taught myself, and continued to do what I have always done, which is to sew and make things.

I have always been attracted by pattern and colour and am bit of a hoarder of fabric. The sensible thing to do is to use it up - hence the patchwork which I have done for most of my adult life.

I progressed to rag rugging about twenty years ago for no other reason than to try something new, but soon found myself 'hooked' and have done it ever since.

Scavenging on a victorian rubbish dump in Yorkshire inspired my mosaic work when I had to make use of the mounting pile of beautiful bits of pottery which bottle diggers discarded. I moved from West Yorkshire in 2013 and now have the beaches to scour for pebbles, shells and sea glass to use in my work".