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Carrie Taylor


Carrie Taylor studied at Harrogate College of Art and Bradford Art College. She also received tuition from hungarian artist Jean Georges Simon who, during his time living and working in Paris, was a friend of both Bourdelle and Modigliani. Simon's encouragement and enthusiasm for her potential was an important early influence on her work.

Now an established artist, Carrie lives in St Just-in-Penwith, Cornwall, where her lifelong fascination with natural history is blended in her paintings with her observations of hedgerows, moorland, water and rocks.

"The paintings reflect my interest in promoting wildlife and wild places whilst following the changing seasons. I see them as a celebration of the untamed patches of nature, however small these may be. Each turn in a track or lane reveals an intricate network of leaves and branches, and each rock-hollow on the seashore, a secret world of reflections, pebbles and creatures in the seaweed. I use layers of acrulic and oil paint to bring out subtle colours and to illustrate the harmony between animals, birds and their envronment".


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